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Ponsness Warren - 800 Plus

Ponsness Warren - 800 Plus
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NEW! Bushings Included We started in the reloading industry almost 40 years ago, with the 800B. Since that first machine we have produced tens of thousands of shotshell reloaders in different models and configurations. The 800 series reloaders were built with a gear-style index system. Very heavy built, this system offered a distinctive "click" when the machine indexed. With thousands of these machines still in use today, we have received numerous requests for a new machine with all the features of the Platinum 2000, but with the gear-style index system that these reloaders are used to. The new "800 Plus" is equipped with the star gear, index pad, main index gear, etc., giving that "click" when the machine is indexed. It also has:
  • a die-removal cylinder, allowing for quick and easy shell removal at virtually any station
  • the EZ-Fill access hopper which holds about a pound of powder and 25 Ibs. of shot
  • a brass external adjusting primer feed assembly
  • Another great feature of the 800 Plus is the quick-changing tooling kits. Since the 800 Plus does not have a center shaft, these tooling kits are installed in a tool head, allowing you to convert to another gauge in under 5 minutes and without the need to re-adjust any of the crimping stages
  • The 800 Plus also includes Sizing Dies Bushings per gauge:
  • Gauge
    H, #6
    D, #4
    B, #3
    2A, #1

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