"Reload in less than a second."

  • Holds three shotgun shells for fast and easy access.
  • Compatible with 12, 20 or 16 gauge shells up to 3.5 inches.
  • Magnetic Shell-Loc™ technology.
  • Elastic Velcro arm band.
  • Built-in clip (molle compatible) to attach to bag or pocket.
  • Perfect for hunting and 3-gun competition.
  • Patent pending.
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    FlxSHOT shotgun shell holder is an innovative reloading system designed to provide speed and flexibility for shotgunning.

    Designed by avid shotgunners for wing shooting, FlxSHOT allows shotgunners the ability to “reload in less than a second”. Additionally, the system allows shotgunners the ability to pick and choose shotgun shells based off the conditions.

    Loaded for ducks and a goose suddenly appears? No problem with FlxSHOT. While keeping your target in your field of view quickly swap your shells to a more appropriate load. Magnetic Shell-Loc™ technology holds the shells securely in place in all conditions but allows for easy grabbing and pulling.

    FlxSHOT was designed to be used in the harshest conditions. Shells can still be easily handled with cold weather hunting gloves. Perfect for all forms of shotgun hunting and in 3-Gun competition.